A word of advice for motivaton from depression 

As of this world everyone likes people with enthusiastic attitude than the one who keeps his face dull and keeps sobers all the time… 

The world has a lot of new things to deal with… And trust me you haven’t got time to get low on for just a single thing that messes with you…. 

The world is a lot bigger than you think!!!

Choose from your worst experiences… Listen to your instincts!!

Dont repaeat!!  Feel motivated everyday from the previous day!! Get high on the big things in Life!!

  • Deal with happiness and chuck anything that makes you sad.
  • Feeling low for not being part of someones life is clean nonsense… World’s got plenty of people who are nice!! 
  • Be good do good!!

Depresaion equals no sense… Make your life a happy one by making everyone around you happy…!! 

I totally agree with being frank..   It actually helps from depression ūüėä 

Happy to help!! 

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Take no sh*t to heart ♥ 

Trust me!!  You actually don’t need pain to push you anywhere…   

You’re the most amazing person!!!

Love yourself!! 

Reject everything that doesn’t make you feel alright!!! 

Choose the righteous!! 

Be true to yourself!!! 

And btw Eric Thomas your way of living was all old class…  Welcome to the 21St century!!! 

Love the world!!

Peace ‚úĆ 

A reason to stay alive…¬†

The epicness of having some one aside you, the loneliness is lost forever, legitimate sharing of care, concatenation of ideas.

There are a lots of reasons to stay alive but the main one would be for our loved ones… 

Love ya mom and dad and my littlesister who is a menace at times ‚̧

The last but not the least there are tons of places left to visit.

Love the world you live in.